Friday, March 2

Sneak Peak....What did I get myself into..

My Vintage Staple Gun and Staples too..
I didn't realize I would have to drill holes through backs...the original buttons were not buttons at all,
rather, vinyl covered nails... had to buy 6/4 pack Button making kits  (needed 24) found at Walmart, at 1.88 each, an added expense, but, had to have them,
 the kind you just add your fabric over metal button, put the hooked back on, and pound them together, I liked this part 
I think they turned out nice...but, I'm sure glad they're are only 4 Chairs"D 

24 Covered Buttons ...

200 Staples or More...

What Did I get Myself Into..."D

Almost There.... 

Three More Ruffled Seats to Go...

 Heading to the Jackson County Fairgrounds Tomorrow
 The first Flea Market of the Season 



Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

Oh my, a lot of work but they were certainly worth it. They turned out beautifully!

Crysta said...

They look great! This would be a dream for chairs at a wedding :D

Amy B. said...

You can be very proud of them, they are absolutely gorgeous!!! Very, very nice!!

Katmom said...

Oh My Stars!!! I LUV it!

Tolentreasures said...

Your chairs are beautiful. I have been looking through your blog and love all of your camper pics. We just became the owners of an early 70's Shasta, can't wait to start decorating. I'll be following along! You have some great links!


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