Tuesday, May 8

Feeling Fun and Fancy

Feelin' Fun and Fancy Today....

My Home is Such a Contradiction in Styles...

But, I think, when you Live with what you Love...

It All Goes Together in Some Wierd Way...

How Do You feel about your Decorating Style?

Are You Fun or Fancy?

Or, A Little of Both?

Hope You Have 




  Fancy  Day!





NanaDiana said...

I'm kind of like you- A bit of both. I only decorate anymore to please myself...and not the crowds. I don't jump on the "fad" bandwagon. I love your home- xo Diana

Tammy's Vintage Finds said...

I also decorate in many different styles, romantic style, garden style, retro/vintage, country, rustic, but never modern. Modern is too cold and uninviting. I like warm and cozy. I just mix all those styles up and use what makes me feel good.

Lesa said...

Our home is filled with all kinds of finds that please someone in the family. I guess you'd say we're eclectic...maybe only we understand it, but it's home. Love the look of your home and am quite green with fern/champagne bucket envy!

Dorothy Langlois said...

Oh what a delightful blog! I love love love that you call your trailer your tin can cottage. Would love to have a trailer just like that someday - definitely on my wish list. Thanks for sharing so much eye candy. And I agree with you - decorate to make yourself happy. I have a little of everything and love how it all goes together!
Blessings from Arizona,

Anonymous said...

Oh my

Anonymous said...

I just came across your super adorable blog, and I love it! Where in MI are you? We just moved to Boston (kicking and screaming) from Grand Haven.

Can't wait to read more of your posts!

Lynnie @ Ramblings from Vintage Gal said...

I am both fun and fancy and I like that term. I like your blog, just found it and have added you to my blog roll. I love those little campers and can't wait to see I am from MI too.


Annie said...

Hello Christine,

I so wish you lived next door to me! Boy would we have some fun! Your talent and eye for color inspire me!

A big hug for you today.

Annie oxoxo

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