Thursday, September 17

It's Good To Be Safe At Home!

"There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” Mary Elizebeth Sangster

"When you're safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you're having an adventure you wish you were safe at home” Thornton Wilder

Let me start by saying HELLO and Thanx! to all you gals that have sent encouraging words throughout my " Hit or Miss" blogging.
I really didn't mean to, I just never seemed to make the time to do it! How'z that for the truth ;D! That's Me , being Christine... I'm like that...:D...
But now that summer has officially wound down,; Labor Day has come and gone, Kids and my " College Kids" are back to school, and things seem to take on a slower pace, I have begun to miss blogging itself, and all you wonderful gals who seem to have it all organized, from their Day Jobs, selling on Etsy, Crafting, running a household , taking time for themselves and their families, and still keep up on their blogs! Phew, my hats So Off to you! Tell me your Secrets!
Through this world of blogging, I have found that I am not as Organized as I thought! :D
That's ok for me, but, I really don't ever want to hurt any ones feelings by just going away....and that I did :D, Sometimes it takes work to being a friend, not in a bad way...but, others feelings are very important to me, and I do feel bad for not keeping in touch, I did'nt realize how many friends I had til I dropped off for a while ;D, I So Very Much Appreciate All Your Good Wishes and Heartfelt Words!

Well , I'm back, If you'll have me...:D, I Hope I can pass on some Fun and a Smile to all you gals out there that think my blog was worth a visit!

Thanx Bunches!

A Bundle of Hugs and a Bushel of Smiles to you All!



Anonymous said...

I just love looking at these travel homes. tHEY ARE JUST SO CUTE. I would lve one; pink and aqua. This a good way to end my 60th b.d. Veronica from N.C.

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