Tuesday, September 1

What a jumble!

What A Jumble!

Phew.....Almost a Month without a Single Post!

So Here is what I've been doing...or .... here comes the Excuses...

Went away for a Wonderful 22nd Anniversary Weekend...took a lot of pictures, had a lot of fun...

Came back, sat down at the laptop....and decided to change my blog...

So began the downward spiral. I changed this, then I changed that, was not happy with this change, was not happy with that change. Too many Ideas swirling in this head of mine...and then couldn't make it exactly the way I had in my minds eye...I gave up! Got aggravated with my efforts, and then , Just gave up and stayed away. No, didn't even look back at my own blog in the last few weeks, no not even a glimpse!

Oh I lurked around others blogs, seeing what you all were up to, adding a few thoughts along the way, but, still staying in the shadows...hoping that, when I did go back to my blog...something magical would have happened...

Still the same...
Well, here I am, the same little changes I made are still there....not exactly what I was looking for.....;D, oh well. I'll just go with least until my graphic arts / blog layout classes finish...or, until, I get some extra cash...which ever comes first!;D

Making plans for the long labor day weekend like most of you other gals, packing the "TinCan Cottage" with all the necessities.

Promted by a Most Gracious gift by none other than Jennifer Pagnelli of Sis Boom Fabrics I made a few decorating changes, by adding here wonderful red and white whimsical fabric in the Casey Scroll pattern, from her BellBottoms line. It's soft and has a adorable vintage flair to it! I made one pillow so far for my trailer, and plan on using more of her wonderful fabric all over my little trailer! A whole redo when I can afford it! I took pictures of all this, and even a picture of my trailer with its vintage trailer awning up! Yep, I have been holding out on all of you. That's if there's someone left out there, but if not, I will look at my Blog as my personal , indulgent journal . And I promise myself, I will be posting everything right after the labor day weekend for myself or anyone left out there in blog land that might still be the least bit interested.;D

Off to ...

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Have some fun...and enjoy summers last Hurrah!

Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah!
( I just had to steal that one! , Thanx again to Jennifer! ;) )

See Ya when ya get back!


Anonymous said...

Hi There Friend....

I am slowly making it back... Love the pics of your camper... I am a bit green too.... WOW how neat...
Hope all it well and you had a wonder anniversary!!

Hugs and My Best!!!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I love your blog, so don't you go away.
I have also tried to re-do mine and it's still not how I'd like it either, so I think I will look around on other blogs and find someone to create something personal for me. I know how you are feeling.
Keep blogging, and big hugs,

Terry said...

Wow so you have had the yen to change your blog too.
I have wanted to but don't really know enough about the computer yet so I have simply left mine alone .
Life itself has been so busy I don't have time to make it to visit everyone as it is.
I am looking forward to all the great pictures you have taken.
Please remember to post them .
It is after Labor Day !!!!!
Happy belated
22nd.Anniversary to you ,
it is so cool you were able to get away together.
Wish hubby and I could get away for a weekend.
I like your blog so maybe go easy on yourself and just simply post every so often as time allows .
I really don't know how anyone keeps up with real life and blogland too.
Anyhoo big hugs to you from your Ethel :)
Happy Trails

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